Umpires Look Horrible Blowing these Ridiculous Bad Baseball Strike Calls


Hi I’m Cameron Sloan and I’m Chris Sloan and this is bad baseball and today we’re gonna be talking about bad baseball calls let’s check it out! All right so bad baseball calls Cam you had a couple of bad baseball calls in your life? I think more than a couple I mean those might just be opinionated but I mean I mean like yesterday I totally beat out like I grounded the first. Mmm you’re probably right I’m pretty sure he was safe! I think that was a bad call yesterday, but that’s the way baseball go as Ron Washington used to say. So you deal with it and move on right yeah. All right so we got some video today, fortunately Cameron hasn’t seen these or had the opportunity to see these yet.

So I put these together so you’re definitely gonna get his first reaction and then we’ll have some good comment about these. I think these are you can probably find these pretty easily out there but we figured we put them all together for you in one nice little place and just let you see what it looks like. These are not MLB videos these are gonna be youth sports instead so you’ll see that you know all of these come from Little League games or stuff like that. So you wanna check out the first one? All right let’s do it, here we go all right boy let’s see that one again that that’s a pitch out that one is crazy like does he not did he not see the catcher move over for the pitch out I mean I’m not sure like it’s pretty bad in this like you can see he’s set up a good six to eight inches outside the play he’s like he’s not even behind he’s in the other batter’s box yeah yeah we’ve got this very flamboyant play call they’re like watch that one one more time and man that’s that’s crazy yeah a battery like he turns around and looks at him and it’s like are you kidding me like this kids are 12 years old so this is Little League World Series they’re not gonna get all crazy they they know they’re on ESPN yeah and but yeah wow he just looks look man that has to be one of the worst like I like I see some bad ones and usually they’re close but this was pretty blatant when you get the video evidence and always makes it fun yeah like when you can stop and see the frame yeah he’s still holding it and he’s it literally looks like he’s set up a foot outside of the plate right mmm that’s pretty bad all right let’s check out the next one here that we got okay this is a high school game we got the same thing going here now watch this one in slow-mo it curves out it says it’s not even a fast ball its curves oh it’s a cutter or slot it looks like a cutter and it moves away from him or a slide or maybe a slider yeah I think and it’s probably more of a slider and it moves cuts away and it’s clearly the catcher frames it well you know pulls it back in but it’s clearly outside like you can even see him grab it and pull it over yeah watch the video yeah now and I get it you know they’re not gonna be perfect every time but in high school the strike zone supposed to get a little tighter yeah that that’s keeping it too loose in my opinion you know there’s there supposed to be a little bit more skilled in the craft by the time you get to high school then again it depends on your own part too though sometimes like yesterday or the day before they were the day before I guess when you were pitching he was man not given very many strikes and then the next day they’re giving a lot more little hype and strike zone yeah yeah all right let’s see what we got on the next one here all right so I’ll set this video up a little bit so this is going to be so this looks like some random dad got pulled out of the crowd to be the umpire unfortunately and because it clearly he’s in jeans and yeah shirt and he does not look very official even though he’s got shin guards on but anyway I’m gonna this there’s actually three different calls he makes and we’ll let the whole video run here watch it and then come back and comment on it or we can stop it anytime you’ve got questions but let’s just check this one out of you first then drops watch watch real close sees Footwear he tries to get out of the way and it hits him that’s that say that’s the second one now watch there’s one more here we go let’s get this third one in so you can see this is another bad call hey this is three in a row folly Minh called strike all right dad just I know this dad just needs to like get out of there yeah Teli tell you in that whole video if you go find that whole video the dad on there it gets pretty pretty upset he has to leave the key has to leave the scene essentially because it’s too much RAM to handle he just didn’t take it you just need to tell your pop hey you know you’re not the greatest umpire so let’s just get someone else all right so this is probably my favorite you got a great shot of it you can see the ball all the way through so I’ll just let this and play and you tell me what you think about it why did you catch that let’s watch it again way outside strike three call look at it mate oh this where it was dude just again I’d like that kid right there little man’s like hey dude I know where it was let me show you it was right over here but hey he wants to see what’s in if it’s gonna be a strike he wants everyone else have that strike right yeah he wants him to be consistent he walks over to the other batter’s box that runs his bat right down the line with the ball win man I mean you know he knows where the strike zone is yeah that is way outside of it and that kids probably eight years old man yeah you know and I guess my problem with this one is I love the kid you know okay I really don’t he you know you probably shouldn’t do that to the umpire let’s let’s be honest he’s eight you know don’t show the umpire but the reality is you’re teaching kids at this age to swing the bat you know at the right pitches okay and even if they widen the zone if this zone was all the way to the chalk line a chalk line for these younger batters right just so the pitcher has a shot okay he he’s wet it’s still even way it’s outside of that like that yeah a little bit of all like yeah it’s way outside so I don’t know what the strike zone has been defined as something further that I mean the reality is you have to have parameters or points of where you define it as an umpire so you know where to make that call yeah and if you keep even how much further in can I go before I say okay no that’s too far right and I mean considering these kids like they’re eight years old so they’re the length of their bat length of his back he’s not even gonna be able to reach that if he swings at it like exactly like his options are a ground by a weak ground ball to third base if he actually puts that into play like come on that’s yeah that’s not even fair to him so the kid made the right decision in not swinging whether he gets rung up or not right I mean if in fact most of these I think they all took the right guard and when the video goes to show us that the umpires made a very poor decision oh yeah so well hey tell us about any bad calls in your games if you’ve got video of some really bad calls we’d love to hear about them if you’ve got some MLB ones you know post them in the comments there’s plenty of those out there as well

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