How To Develop a KILLER Sense Of Humor! — 3 Ways To Be Funny In Conversations


Somebody said with humor the question is tragedy plus time equals to comedy and I am at tragedy well not I am I have a great sense of humor I’m talking about you if you’re watching this video you are looking for the ways to improve your sense of humor don’t worry it’s not a skill which you learn by birth or which you get by your genes only you can improve your sense of humor at any point of time in your life you want so let’s get started I’m going to tell you two to three different ways to improve your sense of humor what is sense of humor you need to understand this first before you work upon your sense of humor sense of humor is ability to sense perceive and practice humor means appreciate humor if you are a serious guy who has tragedy most of the times to talk about well you are not going to find humor in the things you have to have the habit of let it go so the first thing what you can do if you suck at humor if you suck at the comedy well the first thing you do is you have to become a parrot oh not that parrot I’m talking about learn the habit of parroting the things when you listen to somebody’s else’s comedy really made the room in in laughter people are in splits listening to that joke and the comedy the incident well it’s fine imitate that that’s a start even if people don’t laugh in the room that’s fine that’s okay you ought to go through so many PJs before being actual perfect joke master well yeah you got do that well once you’re habitual of parroting others’ quotes others jokes then there would be time people would say give it a break we don’t like it so you’re gonna do something of your own do it yourself means step number two start observing the situation circumstances environment around you know what this environment of ours is full of comedy full of humor you just need to observe and recognize it well going to attend somebody’s marriage function and appreciating or pulling the you know the fun out of the food what they had yeah you can get started with that make sure you’re not talking about the food to the groom’s of bride’s parents that’s going to be tragedy I mean would be wrong well I was watching this one show award function Shahrukh Khan Deepika Padukone they both were standing on the stage to deliver to give award to somebody and you know Deepika, tall and Shahrukh Khan asked her Deepika, how’s the world from up? well that’s got observational comedy you need to observe the surroundings and environment only then you can pull the comedy trigger it to people done third so well what are you gonna do is you have to get the surrounding of the people who have great sense of humor now yeah that works apart from that in fact you can practice watching good comedians and I’m not talking about the comedians who just have bullshit talk over the self-deprecating things yeah for a start it’s fine you can have self-deprecating comedy means make fun of yourself people will laugh as they have been laughing over but you have to have some class in your sense of humor and for that start watching some good comedian I would recommend you at George Carlin he’s great I mean he was great at dark comedy blue comedy there are so many other comedians in this country as well I guess so yeah so you can watch them as well so that’s the third tip well these were the three different ways and the steps where you can walk upon your sense of humor and this is not it there are thousand different ways to walk up on sense of humor but for that you gotta come down here and meet me yeah you’re gonna say that you’re selling it yeah I’m selling it that’s my job I’m selling my course so that you come here you learn it’s a win-win situation for me for you going to be at benefit now go and practice your Sense of Humor.

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